Frequently Asked Questions


Underclass Questions

Q. Why is the QR code not working?

          A. The QR code on the pricelist is for pre-order only. Pre-order will close 24 hours after Picture Day. You will then be able to order again once the photos have been processed. Your child will receive a last chance slip with a code to order online in school when packages get delivered.


Q. How do I access the digital download I purchased?

          A. In your package, you should have received a blue slip on paper with a code on it. Go to and enter that code to access your digital download.


Senior Portrait Questions

Q. When will my senior portrait be available to view and order?

          A. You will receive an email within two weeks after the last appointment day at your school letting you know your portraits are available to view and place your order.

Q. How long does it take to receive my order?

          A. The processing time for senior portraits is between 2-4 weeks from the order date.

Q. Will my portraits be retouched?

          A. Yes, your yearbook selection and all portraits ordered on will be cropped and retouched. Senior retouching includes removal of blemishes, flyaway hairs, and shine, softening of harsh lines, and teeth whitening.

Q. What does the senior portrait session entail?

          A. The senior portrait session is unlike your underclass picture day. Your appointment will be at least 10 minutes long and the photographer will take multiple photos of you including a cap & gown pose. The photographer makes sure that you like the way you look before starting and during your portrait session.

Q. What happens if I miss the yearbook selection deadline?

          A. If you miss the deadline, we must choose a yearbook photo for you to ensure your photo appear in the yearbook. If you want to change the photo, there is a $75 fee to change it as it has already been submitted to the yearbook publisher.

Senior Appointment Questions

Q. I forgot when my appointment is, can you tell me when it is?

          A. Please check your email for your appointment confirmation. If you can not find it, please send an email to [email protected] with your name and school so we can look it up for you.

Q. I made my appointment and it was made under the wrong name, can I change it?

          A. As long as the appointment slot is for you and you show up at your specified time, there is no issue under which name it was made for.

Q. Why aren't there any appointments left to take my senior portrait?

          A. This happens because a lot of people don't schedule their appointments for the first few days and those slots don't get filled. Also, people often miss their appointments and pick another time slot, which limits our appointments available since they are taking up 2 slots.

Q. What happens if there are no appointments available?

          A. If there are no appointments available, you are able to come to our studio to take your senior portrait or reach out to [email protected] to see when/if we will be coming back to your school.

Yearbook Selection Questions

Q. How do I make my yearbook selection?

          A. You will receive an email to view/order your photos. When you click on the link, you will see a tab called "Choose Yearbook". Click that tab and be sure to read the instructions of what pose you can and cannot use for the yearbook. Make sure to select your yearbook selection.

Q. What if I miss the deadline to make my yearbook selection?

          A. If you miss the final deadline to make your yearbook selection, we must choose the yearbook pose for you. There will be a $75 Late Yearbook Selection Fee if you miss the deadline and want to change the pose. Please make your yearbook selection by the deadline as we do not want to charge you this fee, but must as we will need to process and retouch your new selection.

Retake Questions

Q. If I want a retake, do I need to make my yearbook selection?

          A. No, if you are getting a retake you do not need to choose a yearbook selection at this time.

Q. Can I get a retake for my senior portrait?

          A. Yes, you will be notified of the dates that we will be back at your school by email. If we will not be going back to your school for retakes, you will be notified of the dates that we will have open for you to come to our studio located in South Plainfield, NJ.

Q. How much does a retake cost for my senior portrait?

          A. $25.

Q. If I get a retake, will I lose the proofs from my first session?

          A. No, you will not lose the images from your first session. You will be able to view and choose from both sessions.

Digital Download Questions

Q. When do I get access to my digital photos that I ordered?

          A. Your digital images will become available once you receive your portrait by mail. The processing time for senior portraits is between 6-8 weeks from the order date.

Q. How do I get access to my digital photos that I ordered?

          A. To download your photos, please visit,; at the top of our home page, click on "DIGITAL DOWNLOADS". Enter your access code (with an R in front for seniors only) and click on "Submit." Your retouched images will appear on the next screen. Click on "Download" under each image and also click on "Download Copyright Notice".

Q. Why don't I get my digital download as soon as I purchase it?

          A. Your digital download includes only your retouched photos. Because of this, you can not receive it until your order is delivered to you. We do not send out un-retouched images. If you plan to use these images for invitations, to post on your school website for a college announcement, etc. please order at least 6-8 weeks before you need them as that is our processing time.

Q. Do I get all of my images from my portrait session if I purchase the digital download?

          A. No, the digital download will only include the image you select.

Q. Why should I get a digital download?

          A. Having a digital download of your senior portrait is great to use as your LinkedIn profile picture, put on your graduation invitations, post on social media and more! The images are yours to do whatever you want with!

Q. Can I get a digital download of my photos after I place an order?

          A. Yes, if you would like to order digital downloads and have met the required total sale of $140, you will be able to purchase your digital download for $39. To do this, go to our website > ORDER PORTRAITS > Enter your access code with an R in front > Enter gallery > A La Carte Prints > Click on Digital Download.


Q. Can I cancel my order after I place it?

          A. No, orders cannot be changed or canceled once placed due to the automation put it place sending your order straight to our lab. If you make a mistake, you must return the package back to us via mail or drop it off at our office. There is a cancelation fee of $30 as the order will be retouched, printed and shipped to you. Please reach out to [email protected] if this occurs.